Personality Test

1. When I eat an orange, I

a) plan ahead for getting my hands clean after.

b) give no thought to the future.

c) swell up and itch.


2. When I see a bit of rope on the ground, I

a) check twice to make sure it’s not a snake, then check a third time, to make extra sure, pulse racing.

b) pocket it for later.

c) walk right by.


3. When I’m walking and I see a car the same make model color as mine, I

a) watch carefully, just for a second, to see if that’s me driving.

b) don’t do that.

c) remember ex-girlfriends, wonder about my life.


4. When the clerk is waiting right there and people are behind me looking up at the bright shiny menu and I can feel their impatience on my back like steam from the dishwasher, I

a) order something fast, something I don’t really want.

b) take my time.

c) don’t buy food in public.


5. Do you ever walk into a room and know exactly what you went in there for?

a) depends who wants to know

b) once when I was seven, I came inside for a band-aid

c) pistachio


Score 3 points for each (a), 2 for each (b), and 1 for each (c). Also 1 point for each time you wished for (d) none of the above. Score 5 points if you missed your mom, 3 if you remembered an old friend. Add up the points. If your score is a whole number, you are unique in the wide world: shiny and good.

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One Response to Personality Test

  1. Pop personality test complete, I’ll never worry about myself again if I ever notice that I have one sock on and one sock off, like I used to.

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