I don’t think I have a concussion. Walking just walking to the store I turned my head but I didn’t know I turned my head looking at those movie posters to see if that one is Coming Soon that one about the sex surrogate and then I saw the child with the ghosty big eyes on the poster for Les Miserables but I can’t pronounce anything in French and I want to know where I’ve seen that child before somewhere the way I’ve seen actors in the grocery store some vibrant ordinary person who was in a local play, say, and before I know it I might be greeting her like a dear old confidant but of course I was sitting in the dark with a hundred other people I forgot that time she poured her heart out it was from a script remember and that’s why she’s looking at me like hey I’m just trying to pick the right cheese here but this probably happens to her all the time and anyway I catch myself just before I hug her or something so the kid on the poster with the big ghosty eyes I walked right into a lamppost full speed as I said I was looking the other way so I whacked my temple hard right in that spot where they whack people in the movies to knock them out cold bounced off the lamppost which really it wasn’t a lamppost I just like saying that it’s so 1920s like I was suave in an overcoat and it was foggy but no clear as day in my Saturday clothes I slammed ingloriously into a No Parking sign on the way to buy a chicken. And one onion.

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  1. will you marry me?

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