#writerinchains Post 1:38pm

chocolate chip cookies

Thing about chocolate chip cookies is when they’re baking people feel this way smelling them, feels like Love. Me anyway, but U too, don’t U. Somebody is making U chocolate chip cookies in yr house or in their house or in a house U two live in together—U who will eat the cookies and her or him that bakes’m for U. And U smell that, walkN in aftR a long day on the farm dirt all ovR U or a long day at the office, that pasty fluorescent light smell on yr sleeves and yr tireder than U should be sitting in a chair all day those meetings might actually kill U one day U might just in the middle of one of those meetings pretending to listen just fall out of yr chair sideways. But U walk in maybe fresh-n-dirty or whatever and that smell. U gasp like somebody handed U balloons big rainbow helium balloons U smell that baking smell in yr kitchen there and U think: I. am. loved. Just like that without even eating any yet. Go wash yr hands.

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One Response to #writerinchains Post 1:38pm

  1. dfap says:

    Say amen somebody!

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