About the author:

I am Thomas Elliott. I like to write and make stuff. This is a work in progress, a bulletin board in my study. Welcome. I post drafts of some of the things I’m working on, sometimes moments after they’re born, wet and squalling, sometimes after they’ve had some time to dry. Sometimes I take things down. Or change things. I lie but also tell the truth. That’s called fiction. Thank you for tuning in.


5 Responses to ABOUT

  1. BabaSink says:

    My dear, amongst many many things you were born to write. When I read your posts it’s what it must be like travel the floo network in Harry Potterland, or get dizzingly transported on Star Trek — off to an alternate universe. All to say thank you!

  2. Anne D'Arcy says:

    The Muse that eluded you for so long has alighted and is here to stay. She is so very pleased that you heed her so well. Her gift to you is your gift to us is our gift to each other.

  3. Julie says:

    Mom is everyone’s Muse, for so many reasons. I love that she is everywhere, and yet, I find that it is never enough, because I want her here, now.

  4. jennifer hawke says:

    Thomas, I am so delighted to read your words here… thank you for sharing yourself! I love reading “what I said to India Blue” and remembering your voice saying it.

    many more! many more!


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